I have over 20 years experience paid and unpaid in the voluntary sector including volunteer co-ordination and management, event organisation including carnivals, community development , regeneration, funding, like photography, computers , internet, gaming, chilling, and lots of other techy enjoying life,having fun, and most of all radio i even like the boring bits of radio i love,everything radio.  i have managed , presented and produced at a local community radio project as well as radio, consultancy at a couple of other community radio projects  and im the creator of EnergiZe Radio a radioskills project for adults with learning disabilities locally and i created, founded and became voluntary director , manager and presenter and producer at energize radio as well as energize media CIC until the end of 2017. At the moment i am with a number of agencies including Cymru Versus Arthritis, Click 2 Focus Digital Media, and im involved with Newport City Homes in their resident engagement programme  in a voluntary role trying to make a difference to people and places locally and further afield . Love live music especially local music and music and creative talent from those locally. I love techy stuff like building websites, creating podcasts, blogging and vlogging and in my spare time can also be found creating and running workshops. Spend alot of my personal time helping charities and voluntary organisations with finding funding sources. At the moment mental health , chronic illness, keeping moving and getting outside is a main aim of mine and the projects i work on.  Through a community group i set up “Click 2 Focus” (www.click2focus.co.uk) i aim to encourage and support others to get outside more and make memories using digital media tools like photography, podcasting, blogging and vloggin and this is that project “Adventure Tales”.  There has been a lot of research in the last few years around the benefits of getting outside on mental and physical health. Even a ten minute sit in the garden or a walk around the block has been proven to benefit our mental state. When you add that with the physical benefits you win all round. The Adventure Tales Project is about creating adventures and positive memories but for many people they have barriers that can stop this from happening and that is where we come in we are a peer support project we all have a barrier and working together, supporting each other and encouraging each other we can build each others confidence and self esteem.  So come along with us for the ride

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